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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject How do tag libraries handle final references to specific images used in custom tags?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 00:18:01 GMT
I'm familiar with the HTML tags for specifying images, either as a
static image or as a button.  I'm also familiar with how tag libraries

What are useful conventions for building custom tags in a tag library
that come with canned images?  For instance, if a tag library provides
some sort of tags which allow the user to specify moving forward and
backward in a list, and the tag library provides the default images to
use for the arrows, what provisions are commonly made for referencing
the images from the generated HTML (or any other references)?

Is there any history of making the generated HTML reference a servlet
(or Struts action) with an attribute specifying an image name, and
having the servlet stream the image from the classpath?

If this is a reasonable strategy, what are issues/tradeoffs with this

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