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From Patrick van Kann <>
Subject Using scripting variables in a custom taglib
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:50:53 GMT
My apologies if this is not the right list for this question.

I have written a JSP 1.2 compliant tag-libary that has nested and
co-operating tags (it performs OQL queries using Castor as a back-end).

At the moment, I do not make use of either <variable> elements in my
descriptor, or JSP 1.1 "tag extra info" classes.

I suspect that I should be using the <variable> tag, yet all works fine.
My tags communicate happily using pageContext.setAttribute("myId", obj)
and pageContext.getAttribute("myId"). Within my JSP pages, I can access
variables defined in the tag using ${index}.

My question is where can I find a lucid demonstration of how to use the
<variable> element correctly, or a detailed description/specification of
how it should be used. Or even better, a book I could buy written by
someone on this list!

Thanks in advance,


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