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From "Zvolensky, Thomas J {PGL~Nutley}" <THOMAS_J.ZVOLEN...@ROCHE.COM>
Subject Advice needed for <x:forEach select
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:15:53 GMT
I have a jsp that parses an xml file containing tags describing documents and folders within
a document management system.  The page transforms the xml into a different format used by
a bulk load utility for another system.

I have a loop which selects all documents (which are denoted by an attribute "filename").
 At this point, I wish to identify the ancestor nodes above the document which are folders
(denoted by the attribute objname="Folder").  These folder nodes should appear in the same
order that you would see as if you were looking at the structure in Windows Explorer.

Here is what my code looks like:

<x:forEach select="$dom//*[./@filename != '']">
<!-- the next line describes the folder hierarchy where the document will reside -->
<location>Enterprise:<%=project%>:Import:<x:forEach select="ancestor::*[@objname='Folder']"
>:<x:out select="@name" /></x:forEach></location>

It produces the following output:

<location>Enterprise:0645-02 Project Library:Import:1.6 Miscellaneous - Project Management:1.
Project Management</location>

The problem is the folders "1.6 Miscellaneous - Project Management" and "1. Project Management"
are in reverse order.  This is because this is how the <x: tag encounters them as you traverse
up the tree from the document level.  The desired result is:

<location>Enterprise:0645-02 Project Library:Import:1. Project Management:1.6 Miscellaneous
- Project Management</location>

Does anyone know of a way to phrase my <x: tag so that I can achieve this?


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