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From "Chris Yocum" <>
Subject Dynamic HTML Parameters
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 07:07:48 GMT
Hi all,
     I have searched the mail archive and I have not found an answer to my 
questions.  My question is:  I have a <c:forEach> loop that dynamically 
generates HTML parameters.  Once the user clicks on the submit button,  I 
programmatically know how many there are since I save the number in a 
variable.  However, I have no way of combining that number with the param 
object.  For example, I cannot do <c:out value="${param.thing_}${count}" /> 
or <c:out value="${param.thing_${count}}" />.
     I will mock up some code if there is confusion about my question.  
Thanks for all the help!

Chris Yocum

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