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From Travis McCauley <>
Subject JSTL confused by overloading accessor methods
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 18:45:39 GMT

I've just spent about eight hours trying to figure out a bug in my 
web-app and it seems to have been caused by overloading a set method. 
This occurred after I all at once added a new attribute and three 
accessor methods to one of my java classes. When I referred to the 
attributes in <c:xxx> tags I got errors that the value 
'attributeName' was not found in an object of class.... It's the same 
error you get from referring to an attribute that actually doesn't 

The class I added these new attributes to is an abstract superclass 
for all the java beans in my app. Here's what I added:

private Vector analyticalNotes = null;

public void setAnalyticalNotes(Vector analyticalNotes)
{ this.analyticalNotes = analyticalNotes; }

public Vector getAnalyticalNotes()
{ return analyticalNotes; }

public void setAnalyticalNotes( String sql  )
{ do some jdbc stuff then setAnalyticalNotes with a new Vector }

Here is the JSTL code that was causing the error. The object was in 
the request and I was able to access the analyticalNotes attribute 
through jsp scripting.

<c:out value="${ requestScope.termTestBean.analyticalNotes }" /> <br />

I had to change the number of parameters in the signature of the 
overloading method to stop the error. So here's what I now have and 
everything is working now:

public void setAnalyticalNotes( String sql, Object 
nullObjectNeverUsedInMethod )

I tried actually changing String to many other things but in the end 
I had to add a new parameter. I can get by without a solution for 
this but it seems a little weird.

I'm running Tomcat 4.1.12 on Java 1.3 on Mac OS X. I get the same 
error with the JSTL 1.0.2 release AND with the nightly build. Any 
ideas what's up with this?


Travis McCauley
Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library
University of Virginia

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