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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject RE: Escaping quotes in form fields - c:out doesn't see my variable
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 15:56:43 GMT
Oh, yeah, and as another poster pointed out, it is "${book.title}",
assuming your bean class is written correctly.

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From: Stephen Riek [] 
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 9:52 PM
Subject: Escaping quotes in form fields - c:out doesn't see my variable

Sorry for such an easy question but I must be misunderstanding
the fundamental usage of the JSTL. 

How do I get JSTL to output a string which has been formatted
to escape special characters, so that it is safe to put in a form 
field ? I have tried the following but it does not work-

<input name="title" value="<c:out value="${book.getTitle()}"/>">

where 'book' is an instance of a Javabean which I have created
within a JSP scriptlet like this,

Book book = new Book(request.getParameter("BookId"));

As you can see, I do NOT use JSTL's database tags for 
querying databases since I have already wrapped all that 
functionality and business logic inside my Javabeans (in
this case, the "Book" class).  However, it seems that the
JSTL <c:out> tag is unable to see my variable 'book' if I
instantiate it in this way, am I correct ? 

I only want to use the <c:out> tag in order to escape any
characters (such as ", ', &, \, >) which may upset my 
input tag. Is this overkill or should I use a simple search/replace
instead ? I hope the solution will work with double-byte
characters too. 

Thank you for bearing with me,



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