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From Rick>
Subject Re: continued question on using an Integer from a Map
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 15:06:35 GMT
On Thu, Jul 17,'03 (10:46 AM GMT-0400), Kris wrote: 
> Did you see my previous reply?

No, sorry I missed it... I really need to start using IMAP for
my mail so that I don't miss any between here and work. I keep my POP to
leave on server while at work, but I don't when I get home... so getting
back to work the next day I don't have access to the stuff I have at
home that I might have missed. Thanks for the archive link though - I
have better look with theamisgroup archives than the others. I

> Using an Integer as a key works fine as long as you've already got it
> as a scoped attribute. 

Glad you got back to me:) During my testing phase I forgot that I had
swithced to using a String for the key so of course when testing the
scoped variable that is an Integer it wouldn't work. Bottom line is you
were right (as well as N. Chen) .. it works fine with the scoped
variable of type Integer. 

The literal didn't work, but that's not a big deal since it was the
scoped one that I really wanted.

So thanks again.


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