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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: SQL tag library installation question
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2003 21:57:50 GMT

On Sat, 5 Jul 2003, Neil Zanella wrote:

> As it seems to me that Tomcat does not make use of the CLASSPATH
> variable at all (i.e. it does not read it when it is started)
> (is this correct?), then how can Tomcat possibly find on the
> system some JDBC driver such as org.postgresql.Driver
> installed on the system as a JAR file whose absolute
> path name is given by: /usr/lib/pgsql/jdbc7.0-1.2.jar

You put the jar in Tomcat's common/lib/ directory. It's akin to the JVM's
ext/ directory [where you could also put the jar, but that's a bit yucky].

Or symlink it to appear like it is there.

> I cannot make out how Tomcat would know to look in such a
> place in the first place. Anyone know how it is done?

Only way to make it look in /usr/lib would be to edit the startup scripts
to put it in the CLASSPATH for the Tomcat.

> Also, is anyone using tomcat with Red Hat 9 and postgresql?
> I cannot seem to be able to start the postmaster with the
> -i flag (used to enable network connections, necessary
> for JDBC connections too apparently).

Nope, I'm using SuSE/Tomcat/Postgres. To get my postgres to start with the
right flags I change /etc/sysconfig/postgresql to include the line:
POSTGRES_OPTIONS="-i" but I suspect this is a SuSE only thing.

If your postgres was an rpm, look at the startup script
[/etc/init.d/postgresql or /etc/rc.d/postgresql or something] and see if
it looks for options in a file.


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