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From "Rick Ross" <>
Subject Unable to find value using operator "." (null)
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 07:24:41 GMT
I have a class called RTime. It has the following get methods (and no SET

    public String getCrazy()
    public String getUSTime()
    public String getISOTime()

 One of my custom tags places an object of this type into the pageContext.
The US and ISO time methods work perfectly, but the Crazy method fails to

    <stup:makeTime var="timeOb" time="${param.time}" />
    <c:out value="${timeOb.ISOTime}" />
    <c:out value="${timeOb.USTime}" />
    <c:out value="${timeOb.Crazy}" />

Here is the error message:

    An error occurred while evaluating custom action attribute "value" with
    "${timeOb.Crazy}": Unable to find a value for "Crazy" in object of class
    "stupendous.tags.datetime.RTime" using operator "." (null)

Now, also on the page, I iterate through all of the contexts in page (page,
application, etc.) and spit out the results.  As long as I comment out the
'Crazy' call, I can clearly see that I have a stupendous.tags.datetime.RTime
object.  (of course, if I didn't, I would get nothing back from the ISO and
US time functions.  But I do.  I get exactly what I expect from each of

I've renamed the method a dozen times.  Added a matching setter method,
renamed the class, added and removed other get methods ... nothing changes
the fact that it, and new methods, will not work..  of course, if I replace
the last c:out with:

      stupendous.tags.datetime.RTime t =

It works perfectly.

Any thoughts?


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