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From "Felipe Leme" <>
Subject Re: Editor
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:30:37 GMT

Interesting, I just wrote a small article on how the main IDEs in the market 
handle JSTL and taglibs in general:

JDeveloper -> has full support (i.e, syntax highlighting and code completion) 
for taglibs. Current version (9.0.3) doesn't include JSTL in its pallette 
(it's necessary to manually add each library), but next version (9.0.5) will

JBuilder - supports JSTL since version 8 (PS: didn't test it personally, this 
part was done by the magazine staff)

Netbeans - has full support for taglibs. The documentation says some version 
already include JSTL support, but it didn't in the version I tried (3.5.1, 
which was the most recent at the time), so I had to add standard.jar to the 

Eclipse - the editor by itself doesn't support J2EE/JSP development, but you 
can achieve that using plug-ins. I tested 2 popular plug-ins for the task, 
both freeware (but not open source): 
  Lomboz - the most popular, supports tags highlight, but not code completion
  MyEclipse -  full support for taglibs

None of then had native support for JSTL though; it was necessary to add the 
jars to the project

Also, as someone already mentioned, Intellij/IDEA has a nice support for that 
(we didn't test that one because the article was focused on these 4 IDEs).


On Monday 11 August 2003 09:41 am, p-at-zdzior 
|jakarta| wrote:
> Can you recomend me some editor which reckognize jstl tags?

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