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From "Siggelkow, Bill" <>
Subject RE: XML Selects and bean style properties.
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 18:24:51 GMT
I made the same observation in some testing I was doing and I understand your point.  Basically,
it seems when using select (XPath) expression you are hamstringed with how you can access
scoped variables.

Of course, the work around is to use <c:set> to create a variable with the desired property
-- but it is somewhat annoying to get used to one way of accessing data and then to not have
that available for the XML tags.

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From: Rick Ross []
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 2:22 PM
To: Tag Libraries Users List
Subject: XML Selects and bean style properties.

I have a scoped variable called 'USER' with a variety of the usual bean style properties.
 Naturally, it's just a convenient place to hold the user properties and in the EL, it's quite
easy to get them ${USER.full_name}.   However, if I want to predicate an XPath query (in an
x: tag select statement) on information in the USER object, I don't think I can do that. 
The spec doesn't mention it and Mr. Bayern's book is not available on Safari.  "Core JSTL"
also makes no comment here.  

A brief look at the 1.1 JSTL spec didn't turn anything up either.   Now I can easily get around
the problem, but it would be immensely more powerful if we could embed the EL in our XPath
statements.  It shouldn't bee too hard to parse, with ${ } surrounding the EL's inside the
XPath as XPath does not define any of those three characters.  The only obvious issue would
be escaped "${" in predicate text.  

I certainly understand if this was intentionally left out, but the fact that we cannot really
even dynamically replace select statements with EL, combined with no bean style property access,
seems to leave a large functionality gap.  

Or am I just whining? :-)


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