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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject c:forEach problem
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 20:03:25 GMT
Hi All,
I'm trying to swop a struts logic:iterate tag for a c:forEach and I have 
run into the problem that I get no output. I get no errors either. There 
is obviously something wrong with my forEach tag.

Here is what I have:

<c:set var="sectionListKey" value="<%=Constants4Lists.SECTION_LIST %>" />
<c:forEach var="idata" items="${requestScope[sectionListKey]}">
       <blacksail:row oddStyleClass="odd" evenStyleClass="even">
         <td class="listTitle">
           <c:out value="${}" default="error"/>

My key identifying the collection in the request attributes is the 
constant Constants4Lists.SECTION_LIST, which is why I use the c:set tag 
first. This is what I had with struts' logic:iterate

<logic:iterate id="idata" name="<%=Constants4Lists.SECTION_LIST %>" 
scope="request" >
       <blacksail:row oddStyleClass="odd" evenStyleClass="even">
         <td class="listTitle">
           <bean:write name="idata" property="title"/>

Any help gratefully accepted.


struts 1.1 + tomcat 4.1.27 + java 1.4.2
Linux 2.4.20 RH9

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