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From (David M. Karr)
Subject Re: Parsing problem
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 20:53:10 GMT
>>>>> "Ely" == Ely Eshel <> writes:

    Ely> Hi!
    Ely> I've just started using JSTL, and encountered a problem with the c.tld. I
    Ely> get the following error:
    Ely> org.apache.jasper.JasperException: XML parsing error on file
    Ely> /WEB-INF/tlds/c.tld: (line 3, col 8): Document is invalid: no grammar
    Ely> found.
    Ely> I use the c.tld from the standard 1.1 distribution on Tomcat 4.1.27 and JDK
    Ely> 1.4.2_01 on Windows XP.
    Ely> The opening lines of the c.tld are as follows:
    Ely> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    Ely> <taglib xmlns=""
    Ely>     xmlns:xsi=""

The 1.1 version of the JSTL doesn't work with Tomcat 4.x.  use the 1.x version
of the JSTL.

David M. Karr          ; Java/J2EE/XML/Unix/C++   ; SCJP; SCWCD; SCBCD

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