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From Billy Bacon <>
Subject Re: <c:import>
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 17:39:06 GMT
It's a scoped variable. But I think the problem is elsewhere because even
this doesn't work for me and no exception is thrown...

<c:import url="myJspPage.jsp" />

Any ideas?

On 9/17/03 11:34 AM, "Kris Schneider" <> wrote:

> Is "xyz" only a scripting variable or is it also a scoped variable?
> Quoting Billy Bacon <>:
>> Yes, I am importing the core library, I have plenty of other <c:> tags
>> within my jsp and they work perfectly that's why it confuses me that's it
>> not working. Seems like a pretty simple tag to use.
>> Before trying to convert this to JSTL I had <bean:define> tag (from Struts)
>> and a <jsp:include page="<%= xyz %>"/> tag and things worked fine.
>> But now I get nothing...
>> On 9/17/03 10:38 AM, "Rick Ross" <> wrote:
>>> Make sure that you are clear on the differences between c:import
>>> jsp:include and @include they are all different and in my case the fact
>>> that the imported page has no knowledge of my context hosed me.
>>> R
>>> Billy Bacon wrote:
>>>> I've looked through the archives and the suggested alternative for a
>> dynamic
>>>> <jsp:include> reference is using the <c:import url="${xyz}"/>.
This is
>> not
>>>> working in my JSP. The tag is including nothing in my page. I've even
>> tried
>>>> to give it a static reference to the jsp <c:import url="xyzPage.jsp"/>
>> and
>>>> still nothing. Does anyone know what's wrong?
>>>> - Billy -

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