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From Peter Choe <>
Subject dbtags - <sql:setColumn> question
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:04:14 GMT
i am using dbtags library in my jsp file.

i have the following set up:

<table border="1">
<tr><th>Course</th><th>Days of Week</th><th>Time</th><td></td></tr>
<sql:preparedStatement id="pstmt" conn="con">
  <sql:query>SELECT crs_id, discipline, course_num, days_of_week, 
time_slot FROM time_slots, wait_list_course WHERE 
ime_id AND is_available='Yes' AND discipline=? AND 
  <sql:setColumn position="2"><%=semester%></sql:setColumn>      
  <sql:resultSet id="rs">
        <sql:getColumn position="2" />
        <sql:getColumn position="3" /></td><td>
        <sql:getColumn position="4" /></td><td>
        <sql:getColumn position="5" /></td><td>
           <sql:preparedStatement id="pstmt2" conn="con">
              <sql:query>SELECT added, removed FROM student_status WHERE 
crs_id=? AND student_id=? AND added is not null</sql:query>
                 <sql:setColumn position="1"><sql:getColumn position="1" 
                 <sql:resultSet id="rs2">
                 <sql:wasEmpty><input type="button" name="add" 
value="Add Me" onClick="getOn('<sql:getColumn position="1" />', 
  <sql:wasNotEmpty />
colspan="4"><%=request.getParameter("discipline")%> currently has no 
courses available for wait list for <%=session.getAttribute(
"semester")%> semester.</td></tr></sql:wasEmpty>
<tr><td colspan="4" align="center"><a 
href="/registrar_appt/waitlist/menu.jsp">Back to main menu</a></td></tr>

when i run the page in the web browser the value of the <sql:setColumn 
position="2"> <%=(String)session.getAttribute("sid")%></sql:setColumn> 
is shown on the web browser.  but this doesn't occur on a constant 
basis.  if i refresh the page, the value is not shown.  is the syntax 
correct or is there something i need to do to prevent the value from 
being processed by the web browser?

Peter Choe

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