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From Kris Schneider <>
Subject Re: xtags, dom4j
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 12:39:43 GMT
Sounds like JSTL may be you're looking for. The XML/XSLT tags included with the
library are allowed to use non-DOM types, however there are ways you can request
some results to specifically use DOM. For example, the <x:parse> tag can store a
parsed document in either an implementation-dependent type if you use the "var"
attribute or an org.w3c.dom.Document if you use the "varDom" attribute. Jakarta
provides JSTL implementations at:

JSTL 1.0 for JSP 1.2:

JSTL 1.1 for JSP 2.0:

Quoting Tridev Kodamasingh <>:

> Hi ,
> The xtags library is built on dom4j, which ofcourse is an open source.
> Is there any similar jakarta libray, which is built on org.w3c.DOM (which
> comes with jdk1.4) ?
> Thanks a lot for the time.
> Regards
> Tridev

Kris Schneider <>
D.O.Tech       <>

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