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From Konrad <>
Subject [General TagLib question] Custom TagLib storing value in PageContext/session and reference by Standard JSTL?
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 21:17:19 GMT

In my custom taglib's doStartTag() method, I stored a
value in the session, as follows:

public void doStartTag() {

I am trying to reference that value in JSTL's
<c:forEach> tag, as in the following .jsp snippet:


<my:custom/>  <!-- just calls/executes the CustomTag

<c:forEach var="card" items="${cards}" begin="0"
   <c:out value="${}"/>

Basically, above, I am trying to dynamically set the
ending index of the forEach tag, based on the value
calculated in CustomTag.

However, forEach's "end" attribute is resolving to 0
instead of 9, which was set in the CustomTag's
doStartTag() method.

Is there a way to ensure that CustomTag executes "in
advance" such that forEach's "end" tag can correctly
reference the value set in the session?

Thank you.

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