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From Evgeny Gesin <>
Subject Re: Performance issues
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2004 22:14:09 GMT

--- Vernon Smith <> wrote:
> In fact, it is not whole lot more work to create
> multiple language versions of the same JSP file.
> Copy/paste and change the text/unicode is all the
> task. 

Technical writer, not a programmer, can write text in
a resource bundle file in other language.

> The tedious part is editing the existing JSP files. 

That's the main reason to go with resource bundle.

> The resource bundle approach doesn't work well if a
> JSP file contains a big portion of text.

I have few FAQs and some other docs, which completely
translated in other language without using resource

> It is not a good practice of using a condition
> statement in JSP for involving locale related 
> content.

Agree, but this can be easily avoided by using
parameters in resource bundle (think about

> If you use Tiles, a layout management component, you
> would find that you have not other choice, but use
> a-set-of-JSP-per-locale.   

I use in-house developed taglib, similar to Tiles, and
I have no problem using resource bundle approach. I
think Tiles should also allow it.

To consider when using resource bundle:
1. Performance: this should be tested, tested..
2. Naming convention to better manage, from
programmers point of view, a high number of JSTL tags
in JSPs.

Evgeny Gesin
Javadesk CEO / Founder

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