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From Kris Schneider <>
Subject Re: Question Regarding JSTL <x:parse> tag
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 15:12:35 GMT
You can use:

<x:parse varDom="doc" ...

To force "doc" to be of type org.w3c.dom.Document. Otherwise, if you use 
the "var" attribute, the type is implementation dependent. Of course, a 
given implementation may happen to also choose to use a DOM document, 
there just aren't any guarantees.

Michael Duffy wrote:
> I answered one of my questions: adding the <x:parse
> scope="session"/> attribute puts the parsed DOM into
> session scope.  
> If I can verify that the classes are org.w3c.dom I'm
> all set. - MOD
> --- Michael Duffy <> wrote:
>>I've got a fundamental question regarding the XML
>>in JSTL.
>>Which DOM scheme are they using?  The classes in the
>>org.w3c.dom package?
>>I'm asking because I've got an application that has
>>front controller servlet and a JSP response page. 
>>servlet does a query, gets an XML stream, puts it
>>session scope, and sends down the response JSP.
>>The response JSP takes the XML stream out of session
>>scope and uses the <x:parse> tag into its DOM tree
>>iterates through to display values using the
>><x:forEach> tag.
>>I'd like to put the parsed DOM tree back into
>>so it can be re-used by the front controller servlet
>>on the next request.  I'm assuming that I need to
>>the DOM var into session scope.
>>So here are my questions: 
>>(1) How do I put the parsed DOM var into session
>>for reuse by the servlet?
>>(2) Am I correct to assume that the servlet will use
>>the org.w3c.dom classes to walk the tree once it has
>>Thanks very much - MOD
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