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From Patrick Burleson <>
Subject Re: JSTL with Resin 2.1.11 and JDK1.4.2
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2004 15:08:57 GMT wrote:

>Actually, that is not true.  According to the Resin 2.1.12 docs:
>Enables the Servlet specification classloader hack. The Servlet 2.3 
>classloader order violates the JDK classloader specification. By default, 
>therefore, Resin follows the JDK requirements. Those application which need to 
>violate the JDK spec may enable the servlet-classloader-hack.
>By default, the hack is disabled.
>I don't believe the behavior is different in Resin 3.0.x, but the 
>configuration has changed.

I'm using 3.0.x and it's loading my classes from WEB-INF/lib just fine. 
Does it only occur on classes already loaded by the JDK?


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