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From Jason Lea <>
Subject Re: <fmt:formatNumber> rounding inconsistencies
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 22:23:37 GMT
This may or may not be the answer:

 From the JavaDocs for *java.text.DecimalFormat* which I assume it would 
use, it says it uses |"DecimalFormat| uses half-even rounding (see 
|ROUND_HALF_EVEN| <>) for 

ROUND_HALF_EVEN: "Rounding mode to round towards the "nearest neighbor" 
unless both neighbors are equidistant, in which case, round towards the 
even neighbor. Behaves as for ROUND_HALF_UP if the digit to the left of 
the discarded fraction is odd; behaves as for ROUND_HALF_DOWN if it's 
even. Note that this is the rounding mode that minimizes cumulative 
error when applied repeatedly over a sequence of calculations."

First line,  0.375, number to left of 5 is 7 = odd, so it rounds up to 0.38
Second line, 5.565, number to left of 5 is 6 = even, so it rounds down
Third line, 5.5651, number to left of 1 is 5 = odd, rounds up to 6, 
giving 5.566, then uses 'nearest neighbour' rounding on the last 6 to 
give 5.57

I don't know if there is any way to use a different rounding technique 
using the <fmt:formatNumber> tag.

Bartley, Chris - NASHCCON wrote:

>I'm noticing some (rather frustrating) inconsistencies with how
><fmt:formatNumber> performs rounding of decimals.  I've attached a couple
>files that illustrate the problem, but, in a nutshell, these three tags:
>   <fmt:formatNumber type="currency" value="0.375"/>
>   <fmt:formatNumber type="currency" value="5.565"/>
>   <fmt:formatNumber type="currency" value="5.5651"/>
>result in:
>   $0.38
>   $5.56
>   $5.57
>The first and third are what I expect, but the second value ($5.56) is
>really throwing me.  Why isn't it $5.57?  Am I doing something wrong or is
>there some other sorta magic I can use to get the rounding to work properly?
>I'm using Standard Taglib version 1.0.4, JDK 1.3.1_07, Weblogic 7, and Win2k
>thanks heaps!
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Jason Lea

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