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From "Vernon Smith" <>
Subject Re: Performance issues
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 19:33:30 GMT

>I have few FAQs and some other docs, which completely
>translated in other language without using resource

How do you approach the implementation: using condition checking on locale in a JSP file,
or using a JSP file per locale?

>> It is not a good practice of using a condition
>> statement in JSP for involving locale related 
>> content.
>Agree, but this can be easily avoided by using
>parameters in resource bundle (think about

Here is another example illustrating a problem/difficulty of using the fmt tag.

The English text on our session timeout page is the following:

You haven't inactivate with this application for more than <%=session.getMaxInactiveInterval()%>
seconds. You will be brought to <a href="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/signon.jsp"
>the sign on page</a> in five seconds. 

If I use resource bundle, I need to chop these two sentences into several sections. A problem
rises right away. No all languages express the same idea in the same order. 

Sure, they can be resolved by using MessageFormat. Firstly, reading an additonal message file,
I/O operation always has impact on performance. There are a few of the implementation methods.
One method is to use scriptlet, having Java code on the JSP file. That is not a good practice.
Using a custom tag is another method. To generate a message in the custom tag body. But, that
requests some extra coding; and it has some degree of performance overhead. Or, using MVC,
to build the message in a controller and send it to the JSP; also extra coding.

In short, the resource bundle approach, in my opinion doesn't cut for more sophisticated usage

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