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From Felipe Leme <>
Subject Re: taglib standard 1.0 in Tomcat
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 01:13:33 GMT
On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 20:32, George Hester wrote:

> I put this in my web.xml:
> <taglib>
>      <taglib-uri></taglib-uri>
>      <taglib-location>/WEB-INF</taglib-location>
>   </taglib>

As someone already suggested, you just need to set this mapping in a JSP
1.0 or 1.1 container. As JSTL requires JSP 1.2, you don't need to set it
at all.

> that resulted in a dead web-app.  I have all the jars from the standard package in C:\Inetpub\JSP-Files\WEB-INF\lib.
 I have all the included tlds in C:\Inetpub\JSP-Files\WEB-INF

The web-app is dead probably because you added the <taglib> in the wrong
order (unfortunately, the order of the elements matter).

> I'm at a loss.  There must be somethiong more that is necessary and undocumented.  

Here is the "deal in a nutshell"

1.Don't set <taglib> elements on web.xml

2.Make sure you are using the right JAR files (standard.jar and
jstl.jar) according to the JSP version your server supports. For JSP 1.2
(like tomcat 4.x) it's JSTL 1.0 (latest is 1.0.5); for JSP 2.0 (like
tomcat 5.x) is JSP 1.1 (latest is 1.1.0).

3.Make sure you use the right URL:

JSTL 1.0 ->
JSTL 1.1 ->


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