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From Tridev Kodamasingh <>
Subject jstl1.0 --> jstl1.1
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 08:52:19 GMT


I am facing a problem when I am migrating from jstl 1.0 to jstl 1.1.

The problem is as follows.

	 I am using jstl xml library to read from a XML sub-node.
		The xml  is read trough using  org.w3c.dom.* classes. When a
particular subnode which is of type org.w3c.dom.Node, is encountered 
		while parsing through the XML, that is stored in the request
scope(ie. request.setAttribute("subnode", Node)). And in JSP, 
		 value of the node is accessed through 
		<x:out select="$subnode/@name"/>.
		This works fine, with JSTL 1.0. I am able to retrieve,
values of the sub node properly, in the JSP.

		But, with JSTL 1.1,  when it is accessed via <x:out
select="$subnode/@name"/> all I am getting is "whole document".
		I am not able to find out, how come from a  subnode,  I am
getting whole of the document.

	Please suggest me, how to fix this.
	Thanks a lot for your time.

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