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From Leonard Sitongia <>
Subject formatDate sometimes doesn't render right
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 15:02:55 GMT

The format taglib formatDate tag sometimes doesn't return the formatted 

My JSP has a fragment that looks like this:

<cache:cache key="NewsPressReleases" cron="0 * * * *">
	<fmt:formatDate value="${release}" pattern="MMM dd, yyyy"/>

(The cache tag library is from OpenSymphony.)

Most of the time, the page will show a date like Jun 11, 2004.  
Sometimes it will show the raw date format, like "2004-06-23 
08:00:00.0".  Sometimes it returns the date with the month in lower 
case, like "jun" instead of "Jun".

There are no error messages reported.

The cache tag is probably merely be capturing what some other problem 
is rendering, that the execution of the JSTL fmt command periodically 
fails and returns the raw date.  But, I thought I'd include that 

Has anyone seen this before?  I don't see reports of this in the 
archive for this list.  Anyone have suggestions for how I should 

Sun Solaris 9
Tomcat 5 with clustering
Jakarta JSTL standard 1.1
OpenSymphony tag lib


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