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From "Paride Perazzolo" <>
Subject Re: Using struts-nested tags
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 09:53:59 GMT
thanks for your answer.

> 1) The bean is placed in the page as part of an action form and exists 
> because it is declared in the associated action. UseBean is not normally
>  used to create struts FormBeans.

the point is:

1) beanContainer was put into session by another jsp previously.

2)I need to fetch his values, display them in a form, let the user
modifying them.

3) Finally, I have to post data to an action which will make some stuff
and update beanContainer into session.

> 2) Nothing initializes the ArrayList except the default constructor -
> you  are better off a map based method than a DynaValidatorActionForm

I will try this solution, even if, as I told you before, I'm dealing with
a pre-existent bean the property of which I need to read/modify is a

> 3) Not of this discussion makes sense without more of struts config and
> the  resultant page>

what I'm trying to realize is accessing a Collection-typed property of a
session scope bean, visualize it to the user, let the user modifying it
and finally submitting the changes the struts way (using a form-bean as
trait d'union between my jsp and the controller) and update the bean in
I'm looking for a elegant procedure to make it, ie I'd like to use
DynaActionForms. But if that isn't possible I'm ready to define a form of
my own.
But I need first to understand if and how the session beanContainer's
listaDanneggiati property is mapped onto the form-bean defined into my
struts-config.xml. My suspect is that they are two different objects and
that they will never be managed automatically. Maybe I should define a
form which
1) populates an ArrayList whith that extracted from session

2) use it to make stuff

3) finally update the form in session with data submitted by the user


Paride Perazzolo

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