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From Malcolm Cowe <Malcolm.C...@Sun.COM>
Subject Xtags Id Variable is Obscured
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 12:08:00 GMT
I am trying to wrap an xtags:parse command in a catch tag, so that I can 
trap errors without Tomcat hurling all over the browser. This is fine, 
but I need to apply an XSL stylesheet to the parsed document, and this 
fails if the c:catch tag is in place. Code fragment follows:

<c:catch var="xmlerr">
   <xtags:parse url="http://some/place/x.xml" id="x"/>

<%-- Some intermediate XML processing stuff deleted --%>

<xtags:style document="<%= x %>" xsl="y.xsl"/>

How can I reference the id "x" from the xtags:style tag?

I parse the XML file in this way in order that I can manipulate the XML 
before sending it to the XSL processor. Unfortunately, the manipulation 
cannot be accommodated by XSLT. Take the c:catch tag away and everything 
works fine.


Malcolm Cowe.

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