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From Helios Alonso <>
Subject Re: Adding user input
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 17:03:03 GMT
Maybe the second page (or the servlet doing db stuff in the middle) could 
save the "travelling data" in a session bean.

If you are ok with mantaining client session (it is, setting a cookie or 
working with idsession url parameters) you could do this at the beggining 
of the page:

<jsp:useBean id="userData" scope="session" class="..." />
<jsp:setProperty name="userData" property="*" />

<!-- stores the params from the first page, in the session bean -->

And reading it in the 3d page (if it's a servlet it still can access it of 
<jsp:useBean id="userData" scope="session" class="..." />

<!-- get access to the session bean with that paramenters in any other page -->

At 08:32 17/08/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>    I have two pages, one with a form to input/update data and then the 
> second which 'handles' the data w/logic.
>Now, I want to add an intermediary page that looks at the inputted data, 
>does some DB stuff etc, and then asks the user if they want to continue or 
>go back.
>- I could just pass the params from 1st to 2nd to third page, but it seems 
>clunky. Any suggestions? Has anybody done any tag work to make this cleaner?
>- Nic
>Nic Werner
>Sonoma State University
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