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From Bill Siggelkow <>
Subject Re: Using a localized pattern with fmt:formatNumber
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:29:28 GMT
Helios -- you're pretty much right. My reason is basically academic; let 
me exlain -- The Struts bean:write tag applies the pattern as a 
localized pattern if the pattern is retrieved using the formatKey 
attribute. I was basically trying to find out if there was a way to 
emulate this behavior in JSTL. In actuality, the Struts approach yields 
a bug (27636) in that if the pattern is not defined in the resource 
bundle than the pattern specified in the default bundle may very well

Helios Alonso wrote:
> Maybe you have to explain why you need to localize your pattern.  I 
> mean, can't you use a non-localized pattern even if you have one for 
> each locale?
> At 16:50 13/09/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>> Is it possible to apply a localized pattern when using the 
>> fmt:formatNumber tag?
>> In other words, I would like the following to work correctly if my 
>> locale is some European locale like Russian:
>> Say,I have a Double with a value of "12345.34"
>> <fmt:formatNumber value="${dblValue}" pattern="# ##0,00"/>
>> This does not apply the pattern as a localized pattern ... it does 
>> work correctly if the pattern is *not* localized as in:
>> <fmt:formatNumber value="${dblValue}" pattern="#,##0.00"/>
>> The reason I am asking is that the Struts bean:write tag supports 
>> pulling the format String from a resource bundle; but the value is 
>> treated as a localized pattern. I am trying to get equivalent behavior 
>> with the fmt:formatNumber tag.
>> Let me know if I have not explained this adequately :)
>> - Bill Siggelkow
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