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From <>
Subject Mixing JSTL with scriptlet and problematic evaluation order
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 23:37:29 GMT

I have a variable in the request context that I'm accessing with JSTL. 
The text value of the variable is used in a JavaScript call (at the

The problem is that the text value contains an apostrophe (a single
quote).  Since single quotes are used in the JavaScript call, this
causes the open/close single quote mismatch.

So I need to find a way to encode the single quote somehow.  I could
not find a pure JSTL solution for this.  Is there a way to do this with
just JSTL?

Because I couldn't find a nice JSTL solution, I tried it with a mixture
of JSTL and the scriptlet:

...&title=' + '<%= URLEncoder.encode("<c:out value='${titleText}'/>",
"UTF-8") %>'

Guess what this results in?
Well, the scriptlet part must be getting interpreted first, so the
URLEncoder.encode gets that "<c:out value..." string literal as input,
instead of getting the output of c:out.  So that doesn't work either.

Here is a bit more of the JavaScript call in question:

value="${sortId}"/>&......&title=' + '<%= URLEncoder.encode("<c:out
value='${titleText}'/>", "UTF-8") %>', 'Foobar'....

Has anyone run into this problem before and knows a solution?  I pure
JSTL solution would be great, but I'll go for a hack this time if I
have to (Oh how I hate that!).


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