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From Pierre Delisle <Pierre.Deli...@Sun.COM>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] JSP 2.1 and Faces 1.2 Early Draft Review
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 23:22:59 GMT
We're pleased to announce the availability of the Early Draft Review
of the next versions of the specification for JavaServer Pages and
Faces.  JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.1 is developed under JSR-245 and
JavaServer Faces (Faces) 1.2 is developed under JSR-252.  The two
expert groups are working together to improve the alignment between 
these two powerful web presentation technologies. The foremost such 
alignment issue is the Expression Language, as stated in both JSRs.

JSP 2.1 exports the Expression Language (EL) into its own separate
document; technically a sub-document of the JSP specification.  The
Unified EL spec defines a new top level java package, javax.el.  This
package is completely independent of the technology using it and
allows the using technology to plug itself into the EL resolution
process.  The bulk of the changes in the JSP spec itself follow from
how it uses the Unified EL.

As mentioned in the original JSR-252, this spec is not a new feature
release.  Faces 1.2 contains the work for it to leverage the new
Unified EL, as well as a few spec related bug fixes.

The alignment of Faces and JSP in these JSRs enables some new
capabilities and provides a solid foundation for future growth.  For
example, in a web application that uses both Faces and JSP, it is
possible for pages that only use JSP (without any faces content) to
access managed beans.  Please see Appendix E of the JSP spec and the
preface of the Faces spec to see details of what's changed!

To access the specifications:

   JSP 2.1 EDR (JSR-245)
   Faces 1.2 EDR (JSR-252)


Ed Burns, Pierre Delisle, Roger Kitain, Mark Roth and the JSR-245 and
JSR-252 Expert Groups.

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