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Subject [String] Chomp, prechomp: Behavior changed? Documentation?
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:41:28 GMT
Hi all

I recently installed the version 1.1 of the String Tag Library. After some
complaints from our webmasters I realized that the behavior of the String
tag library had changed for the chomp "family" of tags when the character
isn't found. But we can adapt to it, since it wasn't defined in the first
However, I do think that the documentation on
should be more precise and show exactly what the expected output is for
chomp, getChomp, prechomp, getPrechomp. It should also show what is returned
when the character is not found. The string-examples.war is better in that

To get to the point:

getChomp: " Get everything after a specified delimiter. Returns the
delimiter as well."  If this were the case, <str:getChomp
delimiter="T">TestTeee</str:getChomp> would return 'Teee', but it returns
'eee'. I guess the documentation should be updated?

getPrechomp: " Get everything up until a specific delimiter. Returns the
delimiter as well."  Same here, for <str:getPrechomp
delimiter="t">TestTeee</str:getPrechomp> according to the documentation
'Test' would be returned, but in fact 'Tes' is returned.

Perhaps my notion of "Returns the delimiter as well" is wrong, but I would
expect the character to be included.

Best regards,

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