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From Þorgils Völundarson <>
Subject Re: Escape html and javascript
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:01:39 GMT
Try coldtags There is a taglib called 
String convertion tag 
which might do what you are asking for
Best regards,
Thorgils Volundarson
Icelandic Cancer Registry
At 22:39 19.12.2004, you wrote:
>Sorry if I wasn't clear. I'm looking for a functionality similar to 
>string:escape but for html.
>output: "&aacute;"
>Amit Walia wrote:
>>I didn't understand what u want to say .Can u plzz send example or
>>elaborate it more
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>>From: Edgar Poce [] Sent: Saturday, 18 December 
>>2004 12:02 PM
>>To: Tag Libraries Users List
>>Subject: Escape html and javascript
>>is there any taglib that escapes html and javascript characters?
>>Thanks in advance.
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