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From "Olaf Bergner" <>
Subject [datagrid] Cannot use EL in attribute items
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:35:47 GMT
I am currently evaluating the datagrid tag and in the process of porting a
simple homegrown pager. Our environment:

JBoss 3.2.6
JSTL 1.1
Java 1.4.2.

The list to be displayed is stored in session scope in the property
'filteredOrganizations' of the form-bean 'organizationSearchForm', i.e. the
following struts tag

<logic:iterate name="organizationSearchForm"
property="filteredOrganizations" ...></logic:iterate>


My first problem was JBoss complaining that according to the TLD the
attribute 'items' does not accept an EL expression, so that compilation
failed. I modified the datagrid TLD so that the rtexprvalue attribute now
reads 'true'.

Now, a

<ui:dataGrid items="${organizationSearchForm.filteredOrganizations}" ...>

gives me an

at org.apache.taglibs.datagrid.DataGridTag.setItems(

The collection stored in organizationSearchForm.filteredOrganizations is of
type java.util.List, a java.util.ArrayList, to be exact. Since our web.xml
declares version 2.4 I understand that EL is enabled by default and any EL
expression is evaluated by the web container, so that the datagrid tag
should be passed a java.util.List instance. Is this assumption correct? What
am I doing wrong here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this beast looks just like what
we need.

- Olaf -
Easynet GmbH (
Olaf Bergner, System Integrations
Harburger Schlossstrasse 1, D-21079 Hamburg
fon: +49-40-77175-434, fax: +49-40-77175-519
# Easynet is part of the easynet group plc (

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