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From Néstor Boscán <>
Subject RE: Newbie to Datagrid Taglib
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 20:29:54 GMT
Hi Beejal

Example 6 has a datagrid with simple pagination. To make pagination work you
add the "paging" element:

  <paging        size="4" nextUrlVar="next" previousUrlVar="previous"

You define the size of your page with the "size" attribute and you can use
"nextUrlVar" and "previousUrlVar" to set the variable that will store the
previous and next URL. The "pagesVar" attribute will define a variable that
will store an array of pages the gives you information on the URL for each
page, the index, the first row and the last row of the page.

If you want to do custom pagination you can check example 7 and 8. Custom
pagination lets you do the pagination at the business logic level and the
datagrid level. This means that your business logic will create a collection
with the elements of a page and send it to the datagrid. In this case you
set the "custom" attribute to true.

  <paging        size="4" custom="true" nextUrlVar="next"

Optionally you can set the "count" attribute that sets the total number of
rows in your query. If you set the "count" attribute the datagrid can build
the array of pages and you can use the "pagesVar" attribute.

If you have any other question send me an email.


Néstor Boscán
-----Mensaje original-----
De: Beejal Vibhakar [] 
Enviado el: Thursday, February 24, 2005 10:14 AM
Asunto: Newbie to Datagrid Taglib

Hello All,


I am a newbie to overall Jakarta Taglibs.. I want to make use of Pagination
in one of my projects..I have gone through some of the initial stuff at


But I want to know from where should I look for the .tld file and some



Beejal Vibhakar

Java Engineer

QuinStreet, India


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