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From Malcolm Cowe <Malcolm.C...@Sun.COM>
Subject Scrape Taglib -- Help?
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:37:37 GMT
I've just started looking at the Scrape taglib for a project I'm working 
on and I have a couple of issues that I could use some help resolving.

1. Can I re-use ids? If I change the search pattern within a tag, the 
taglib complains that the id already exists. For example:

	javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: scrape id weather2 is already in

This really makes development difficult! Is there any way to invalidate 
the cache and re-use the ids?

2. I cannot seem to specify regular expressions in the "begin" and "end" 
attributes. I'm trying to match tags with mixed case, as well as consume 
the tag attributes so that they do not appear in the output. But I'm not 
getting the results I'm expecting. The patterns work correctly in the 
Jakarta ORO demo applet, but not in the scrape taglib.

Any suggestions? Or is there an alternative scraping tool out there? I'm 
just trying to concatenate the contents of a number of HTML documents 
into a single HTML document by looking for data contained between <body 
...></body> tags in each source document.



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