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From luca passani <>
Subject Re: question about tags and includes
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 11:50:11 GMT

Rahul P Akolkar wrote:
> For example:
> <quote>Includes a static file in a JSP page, parsing the file's JSP
> elements.</quote>
> <quote>If the included file is a JSP page, its JSP elements are translated
> and included (along with any other text) in the JSP page. Once the
> included file is translated and included, the translation process resumes
> with the next line of the including JSP page.</quote>
> [ ]

OK, I buy it that this is an explanation of why includes of non well-formed tags don't work.


- isn't this a pointless limitation? are there real technical reasons for this?

- this should be more prominently documented in the JSP specs, IMO. I must have reads
  descriptions like the one you posted tens of times and I never interpreted that
  to mean that included JSP files need be well-formed XML 



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