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From Luca Passani <>
Subject Re: Integrating Struts with my taglib
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 18:05:04 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

>Pointer 1 would be to ask about this on the Struts lists rather than
>the Taglibs lists, since the Struts taglibs are part of, uh, Struts,
>not Taglibs. ;-)
you are right of course. It's just that I knew that you (one of the 
major authors behind the Struts taglibs)
are on this list too :)

>Pointer 2 would be to create your tag by extending the Struts
><html:link> tag. See:
this does not really apply, I am afraid. WALL is for creating apps for 
mobile devices,
i.e. multiserving WML, XHTML-MP and CHTML to mobile devices, i.e. not HTML.

Please note that <wall:a href="url"> could turn into an hyperlink for 
some devices and
into an <option onpick="url"> for other (WML) devices.
There is no point for me requiring that WALL users install Struts.The to 
things are independent.
What I really want is to mimic in my tag what html:link does behind the 
scenes to turn the link to an action
into an actual link.



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