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From Luca Passani <>
Subject Re: JSTL and test for file existence
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 18:10:12 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

>I don't believe so, and I'd be rather surprised if there was. Remember that
>there is no guarantee that there even *is* a file system in a webapp
>environment, so providing access to such a thing in a standard way doesn't
>really make sense.
>Of course, you can always create your own function to do this.
I understand and I don't want to argue. Also, I can easily work this 
around with a scriptlet.
Let me throw in a couple of points just for sake of discussions, though. 
If you think I am totally off the mark, just let me know...

My understanding is that there are a few tag-libraries that break MVC 
out there. The SQL tags are a great example of this (embedding SQL in 
JSP? are we back to MS ActiveServerPages?!?! :)
Now, wouldn't creating tags that allow a certain amount of basic file 
manipulations fall in the same cathegory as the SQL tags? I mean, after 
all, there even is no guarantee that there's an SQL  DB the webapp can 
talk to.
Those tag-libs would still be good to have in the toolset for quick and 
dirty tasks (prototyping for examples), even though they are far from 
ideal in many cases...

Just my 2 cents of euro.


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