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From "Naeem Malik (Ext. 797)" <>
Subject JAXM POST failed null---Please HELP
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 13:17:07 GMT


 I am getting the following error message from a long time, it now over my
nerve, could any one please help me in this matter, i have try almost many
things but didnt get any help

client side>>> attaching the xml file

          AttachmentPart attpart = message.createAttachmentPart();




server side retrieveing message

public claimServiceServlet extends JAXMServlet implements ReqRespListener{

public SOAPMessage onMessage(SOAPMessage msg) {
    SOAPMessage message = null;

    try {
    	System.out.println("Incoming message: ");
    	System.out.println("nomi BEfore doing any thing with attachement:
    	java.util.Iterator iterator = msg.getAttachments();

    	String attContent = "";
    	System.out.println("claimService claimXML attachement
size>>>0.2<<<<< "+iterator.equals(null));
    	while (iterator.hasNext()) {
    	  AttachmentPart attachment = 
    	  String id = attachment.getContentId();
    	  String type = attachment.getContentType();
    	  System.out.print("Attachment " + id + 
    	    " has content type " + type);
    	  System.out.println(" content>>
    	  if (type == "text/xml") {
    	    Object content = attachment.getContent();
    	    System.out.println("Attachment " +
    	      "contains:\n" + content);

i am getting following error message when ever i try to retrieve attachement

2006-03-01 12:52:48 StandardWrapperValve[claimreceiver]: Servlet.service()
for servlet claimreceiver threw exception
javax.servlet.ServletException: JAXM POST failed null
	at javax.xml.messaging.JAXMServlet.doPost(Unknown Source)
	at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(

although it seem by TCP Moniter that attachement is going fine over the
wire. but for some reason i am not able to access it. although i am able to
see the attachement part by using the msg.writeTo(System.out) but only if i
dont use message.saveChanges method on client side but if i use this
message.saveChanges  method it even didnt go in the onMessage of

Could please any one help me in this matter ?

Thanks and regards

Naeem Malik

Naeem Malik
Technical Consultancy Team 

FINEOS Corporation

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