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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: Documentation on how to configure prompts
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 19:59:43 GMT
On 9/13/06, Charles Godfrey <> wrote:
> Hello and sorry for this obvious questions, but after 2 days of searching,
> I'm unable to find this info.

Please ask sooner, we'll try to help!

> 1. How do you configure prompts that use prompt files (.wav, .au, etc).

The content model of the RDC config file <prompt> element is the same
as the VXML <prompt> element. So, simply:

 <audio src="foo.wav"/>

> 2. How do you configure the initial prompt (for example) to play multiple
> prompt files (eg, hello.wav followed by how_are_you.wav)

As above:

 <audio src="hello.wav"/><audio src="how_are_you.wav"/>

If you mean initial prompt as in before entering any RDC, that is
straight JSP. See the sample applications in the distribution for code

> 3. Is there a user's guide that lets me know what all I can put in the
> config file for RDCs?

See sample-config.xml and some schema fragments here (they may need to
be polished per latest changes):

> 4. Do I have to use a config file to configure prompts, or can I do all the
> configuration in the JSP tags itself?

You need the config file. Your suggestion is good, but not supported.

> The examples provided with RDCs just use TTS and the ones that use a config
> file are also not helpful.

The examples have TTS prompts to keep download sizes manageable and
also, since you might want to choose the correct type and encoding
that your browser works best off of. We do not expect most people to
use TTS in real applications. But, as shown above, switching to audio
is fairly trivial, once you have the audio.

We should probably add this to the wiki [1], it is open to anyone
after a quick registration.

Do let us know if you have other questions.



> Thanks for help...much appreciated.
> Charles

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