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From "Rashmi Rubdi" <>
Subject Re: Bug
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2007 20:03:00 GMT
I'm sorry for mentioning a conflicting configuration of JSP, JSTL in
my post above.

The latest nightly release of DataGrid was on 20060829, which is much
more recent than the thread I referred to above which was dated on
2004. So, please ignore my replies above.

With very limited information of the problem it is difficult to offer
a solution, as Martin has mentioned please provide relevant details.

Post the versions JSP, Servlet, Web Server you are using.

Also post full relevant code that will help us in recreating the problem.


On 4/28/07, Martin Cooper <> wrote:
> *item* or *items*? What is the *exact* error message, and what is the
> *exact* syntax you are using?
> The "Runtime Expression Evaluation" column in the documentation refers to
> JSP scripting expressions, not the expression language you are using.
> If you're not already using JSP 2.x, I would recommending doing so and
> ensuring that your web.xml file is referencing Servlets 2.4 and not an
> earlier version.
> --
> Martin Cooper

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