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From "Klotz, Leigh" <>
Subject Is there a recent release of taglibs standard?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 20:59:08 GMT
In trackng down a problem that turned out to be bugs 30068 and 41481, I
have become confused.

I cannot find Taglibs jstl.jar and standard.jar or releases that contain
the fix, which shows as fixed in December 2006.

So, now I'm trying to track down where the current release of Apache
Jakarta taglibs is kept, and indeed whether the project is still being


- In 
there is a one-line fix to a bug involving $ variables inside x:forEach.

The downloads off 
lead eventually to 
and finally to
which do not contain this fix.

(marked as dup of 30068) there is a hyerlink to 
with jar files containing the fix from 30068, along with a comment that 
nightly builds have been broken since August 29, 2006 (which still seems
the case), and since this predates the 12/2006 fix date, the nightly
doesn't include the fix, either.

Confused Questions:

Is Jakarta Taglibs Standard still being developed?  
Is there a release planned that incorporates the existing bug fixes?  
Am I looking in the wrong spot for downloads?  
Are people using Taglibs 1.1.2 (or a later version) in production
software, and if so, are they building from source?  
If so, which source and where is the definitive location?

Thank you,

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