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From "Iyer, Prasad C" <>
Subject RE: EJB3 Examples -- wanna help?
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2006 06:25:36 GMT

Can you tell me the download page for openejb3?
Prasad chandrasekaran 

>-----Original Message-----
>From: David Blevins [] 
>Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2006 4:04 AM
>Subject: EJB3 Examples -- wanna help?
>We are launching a new initiative to create some really simple 
>and neat EJB3 examples similar to the excellent examples that 
>Tomcat ships that show people how to write Servlets and JSPs.  
>With these examples people will not only be able to use 
>OpenEJB 3 very easily, but moreover they will be one of the 
>definitive places to learn EJB3.  Period.
>We've already received a couple volunteers, but there's more 
>than enough to go around, so we're sending out the word.  If 
>you would like to help create examples, reply to this email on 
>the dev list and we'll help you get started!
>Here's the current wish-list:
>   [OPENEJB-342] EJB 3 Examples
>     [OPENEJB-343] Example: Minimal Statetless Bean via a 
>deployment descriptor
>     [OPENEJB-344] Example: Minimal Stateful Bean via a 
>deployment descriptor
>     [OPENEJB-345] Example: Minimal MessageDriven Bean via a 
>deployment descriptor
>     [OPENEJB-346] Example: Minimal Statetless Bean via @Stateless
>     [OPENEJB-347] Example: Minimal Stateful Bean via @Stateful
>     [OPENEJB-348] Example: Minimal MessageDriven Bean via 
>     [OPENEJB-349] Example: Stateless Bean with Legacy 
>Home/Remote Interfaces
>     [OPENEJB-350] Example: Stateful Bean with Legacy 
>Home/Remote Interfaces
>     [OPENEJB-351] Example: Stateless Bean with Callbacks
>     [OPENEJB-352] Example: Stateful Bean with Callbacks
>     [OPENEJB-353] Example: MessageDriven Bean with Callbacks
>     [OPENEJB-354] Example: @Resource for JNDI Lookups
>     [OPENEJB-355] Example: @Resource for Field Injection
>     [OPENEJB-356] Example: @Resource for Setter Injection
>     [OPENEJB-357] Example: Using @EJB to refer to other EJBs
>     [OPENEJB-358] Example: Using JDBC
>     [OPENEJB-359] Example: Using JMS
>     [OPENEJB-360] Example: Using JPA
>     [OPENEJB-361] Example: Bean-Managed Transactions
>     [OPENEJB-362] Example: Container-Managed Transactions 
>with @TrasactionAttribute
>     [OPENEJB-363] Example: Interceptors for Business Methods
>     [OPENEJB-364] Example: Interceptors for Lifecycle Callbacks
>     [OPENEJB-365] Example: Default Interceptors
>     [OPENEJB-366] Example: Method-level Interceptors
>   see:
>Each example would show how to develop, deploy and test EJB 3 
>applications. All examples will be heavily javadoced to 
>explain how they are used and will be accompanied by JUnit 
>test cases that run them. README.txt files will document the 
>examples overall and detail what the example demonstrates.  
>Further, all the examples and related documentation will also 
>be placed in the website.
>We will also have a generated index page with each example 
>indexed by annotation. Clicking on an annotation will bring 
>you to a page listing the examples that have that annotation.
>Come join the fun!

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