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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: What new in OpenEjb 3.0?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 00:29:42 GMT

On Sep 6, 2007, at 12:20 AM, Ashish Jain wrote:

> Hi!!
>    Thanks a lot for the quick response. I also want to know how these
> changes leads to  performance improvement.

In terms of speed processing requests, OpenEJB 3.0 is comparable to  
OpenEJB 1.0 with just a slight about of overhead for things that  
weren't in OpenEJB 1.0 like jacc-based security and interceptors.

In terms of developer performance (i.e. productivity), as Mohammad  
states EJB 3.0 is far superior to EJB 2.1 and many of added  
conveniences in OpenEJB really boost that up quite a bit (embedded  
testing, app validation, etc.).  With the ability to test/validate  
your ejb applications like you would any other application, it's very  
easy to sit and develop an app all day without having to make several  
trips to a separately running ejb server.  No need for complicated  
setups to start, stop, deploy, undeploy all day.

You can unit test everything from just plain method invocations to  
security and transaction logic.  Sky is the limit.


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