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From Jack Cox <>
Subject Load time dependency ordering problem
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 18:32:10 GMT

I'm trying to setup a 'out-of-container' test rig to test both a set of
session beans and entity beans with openEJB.  The session beans depend on
the entity beans.  The session bean class files are located in one directory
tree, and the entity beans in another (they are two different Eclipse

I've defined the dependencies in the openejb.xml config file as:

<Deployments dir="vwc-masterdata-entity/classes" />
<Deployments dir="vwc-masterdata-service/classes" />

OpenEJB finds EJBs in both directory trees (as it should).  

But when the container tries to inject the entity beans into the session
beans I get the following error (stack dump eliminated for brevity)

INFO  [OpenEJB.startup.config]: Configuring app:
FATAL [OpenEJB.startup]: Cannot find bean "CodeTypeFacade/Local" referenced
by bean "CodeService".
WARN  [OpenEJB.startup.config]: Jar not loaded.
vwc-masterdata-service/classes.  Cannot find bean "CodeTypeFacade/Local"
referenced by bean "CodeService".
org.apache.openejb.OpenEJBException: Cannot find bean "CodeTypeFacade/Local"
referenced by bean "CodeService".

A little further down in the log file I get the following messages:

INFO  [OpenEJB.startup]: Jndi(name=AppAndUserFacade/Local) -->
INFO  [OpenEJB.startup]: Jndi(name=CodeTypeFacade/Local) -->
INFO  [OpenEJB.startup]: Jndi(name=ClaimAdminstratorFacade/Local) -->

This leads me to believe that the entities have not been resolved before the
session beans start loading.  Is there a way to instruct the loader as to
the order in which things are loaded so that the entities get defined before
they are required by the session beans?



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