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From ebaxt <>
Subject Tomcat - Injection: No such property
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2008 20:14:38 GMT

I'm trying to run my application with Tomcat+openEJB, but I can't figure out
why the EntityManager isn't injected correctly into the EAO sessionbean.
My war file is packed with the ejb.jar in \WEB-INF\lib. 

The client is able to lookup the facade, but when the facade delegates the
EntityManager actions to the EAO a null pointer exception is thrown. 

Here's the log.

INFO  - PersistenceUnit(name=sp2k,
INFO  - Jndi(name=TaxaEAOBeanLocal) --> Ejb(deployment-id=TaxaEAOBean)
INFO  - Jndi(name=Sp2kServiceBeanRemote) -->
INFO  - Created Ejb(deployment-id=TaxaEAOBean, ejb-name=TaxaEAOBean,
container=My Stateless Container)
INFO  - Created Ejb(deployment-id=Sp2kServiceBean, ejb-name=Sp2kServiceBean,
container=My Stateless Container)
INFO  - Deployed
WARN  - Injection: No such property
'no.uib.gyro.domain.classification.TaxaEAOBean/em' in class
WARN  - Injection: No such property
'no.uib.gyro.domain.classification.TaxaEAOBean/em' in class

The @PersistenceContext annotation is inside the TaxaEAOBean, so it's not
past to the EAO from the facade.

The strange thing is that when I put the EJB's in the war archive, it all
works fine. Is there a difference to openEJB between adding ejb.jar in
WEB-INF\lib or to put the beans directly in the WEB-INF\classes?


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