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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Cannot find @Stateless annotation in other module
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2008 23:34:55 GMT

On Mar 7, 2008, at 11:17 AM, Karsten Ohme wrote:

> Awesome. It works. Great. No further problems.

Great.  Getting you running was one of the things on my own mental  
list of "things for 3.0 final", so thanks for sticking with us.  We  
definitely appreciate it.  Some good changes have come from your  

FYI, here's the new wording on the "Cannot find bean" message.

config.noBeanFoundEjbLink=Unresolved ejb reference \"{0}\" with ejb- 
link \"{2}\" in bean \"{1}\".  Will attempt resolution again at runtime.
config.noBeanFound=Unresolved ejb reference \"{0}\" in bean \"{1}\".   
Will attempt resolution again at runtime.


> Thanks,
> Karsten
>> On Mar 6, 2008, at 1:32 PM, Karsten Ohme wrote:
>>> David Blevins schrieb:
>>>> Seems there was an issue with paths converted from URLs still  
>>>> containing some encoding and therefore not being accurate.  It  
>>>> took nearly all day but I think I stomped out all the code that  
>>>> does this incorrectly.
>>>> I've published new 3.0-SNAPSHOT jars with this issue fixed.  Give  
>>>> your build a try again and see if it doesn't work better.  Be  
>>>> warned that maven only downloads snapshots once a day by default  
>>>> so you may need to force it to grab the new ones.
>>> Great. The snapshot fix works.
>>> Stays maybe the last problem:
>>> WARN - Cannot find bean  
>>> "de.mms_dresden.ppp.server.service.impl.FormServiceImpl/
>>> patternService" referenced by bean "FormServiceImpl" with ejb-link  
>>> "null".
>>> WARN - Cannot find bean  
>>> "de.mms_dresden.ppp.server.service.impl.FormServiceImpl/
>>> networkStorageService" referenced by bean "FormServiceImpl" with  
>>> ejb-link "Netwo rkStorageServiceImpl".
>>> I think the reason for this is that these dependencies are  
>>> searched before the other modules are deployed. Some lines later  
>>> the missing modules are found. How can I control the deploy order?
>> Those are just warnings not errors, the references should work as  
>> long as the modules are eventually deployed.  This is how we  
>> support circular dependencies for example, module A has references  
>> to beans in module B and module B has references to beans in module  
>> A.
>> We can probably add to the message to make it clear that it isn't a  
>> show stopper.
>> Did the references eventually resolve, i.e. were the beans injected  
>> into FormServiceImpl?
>> -David

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