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From Karsten Ohme <>
Subject Re: Testing Services with access to Entities
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2008 10:50:27 GMT
David Blevins schrieb:
> On Mar 25, 2008, at 8:57 AM, <> 
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have want to test some internal used beans which access entity beans.
>> The problem is now, that the unit test wants to test a service which
>> return an entity. This entity has a colelction member, something like
>> this:
>> @Entity
>> Class A {
>> Private List<B> bs;
>> public List<B> getBs() {
>>     return bs;
>>     }
>> ...
>> }
>> The collection bs is lazy initialized and should be. So, if I want to
>> access the bs from the returned entity instance A, I get a
>> LazyInitializationException. How can I test internal used services? Is
>> there a godd way to do this? Until now I have only tested Beans which
>> return transfer objects, but know this would be necessary.
> Hi Karsten,
> I'm not too sure what an org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException is.  
> I checked out the online api docs and it mentions that's what you get 
> when a "session" is closed.  Not sure how a hibernate session relates to 
> JPA concepts.
> In your @PersistenceContext ref, are you using 
> PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED or PersistenceContextType.TRANSACTION?  
> (TRANSACTION is the default if unspecified)
> In your persistence.xml is your unit declared as 
> transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL" or transaction-type="TRANSACTION"?  
> (TRANSACTION is the default if unspecified)
> Before I get the answers to those questions I'll make an uninformed 
> guess that you're using TRANSACTION for both of the above and what's 
> happening is your transaction is starting and completing around the ejb 
> method that calls "getBs()" and returns the list.  By the time you test 
> case (which isn't in a transaction) gets the List<B> the transaction has 
> completed and all the refs in it are considered Detached in JPA terms.  
> That's just a guess, but if I'm right you could try switching to 
> PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED and use an @Stateful bean, or you could 
> run your unit test in a transaction which will widen the transactional 
> scope from just the bean method to encompassing the while test method 
> (
> Let me know if my guess is right or wrong, the question is likely to 
> come up again.

Yes, you are perfectly right. The link you haven given is very smart. 
This should work.

> -David

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