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From David Blevins <>
Subject Interested in writing OpenEJB articles or speaking about OpenEJB?
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 08:15:35 GMT
Just as a general FYI, if anyone is interested in speaking or writing  
articles about OpenEJB I am more than happy to help you out in any way  
I can.

Happy to review slides/text, help you get examples running, give you  
ideas on what to write or speak about, show you some advanced  
features, even give you some phone time.  I may even be able to help  
you find a publisher if you need it.

A few topic ideas might be:
   - learning ejb 3.0 with OpenEJB; maybe show off the validation  
functionality and how it can be used to learn ejb and speed up  
   - advanced ejb dependency injection; show off the ability to extend  
injection beyond the spec supported types
   - java ee with tomcat; show how to beef up your servlets with  
better dependency injection, jms, jpa, transactions, jax-ws, etc.   
doesn't even have to use ejbs.
   - unit testing ejbs; show anything from basic testing to detailed  
configuration, testing transactions, testing security
   - unit testing GlassFish apps; yes, we support their descriptors  
and can unit test their ejbs just fine.
   - host ejbs from your app; show how to embed OpenEJB to make your  
application capable of supporting ejbs and even remote ejb clients
   - debugging ejbs in your IDE with no plugins; show how when using  
openejb to test your apps you can use standard debugging with no  
plugins or remote servers.

If you're a member or leader of a Java User Group, feel free to  
forward this offer out to your list.

You're welcome to email me directly or via the OpenEJB lists.


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